About Us

Meet Jessie - Owner & Founder of Brownstone & Main

Jessie founded Brownstone & Main in 2019 to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur! She was inspired by her love of artisan products and shopping at local, small businesses in New England and Upstate New York. She had been a subscriber of many subscription boxes and was disappointed that most products she received were mass produced, cheaply made outside the United States, and low quality. She wanted to provide a box where our subscribers experienced high quality, artisan goods from 'Main Street America'. She also wanted to make a point of supporting women in following their entrepreneurial dreams and break down barriers! That's where the idea of Brownstone & Main took off.

A little about our mission...

Inspired by our love for artisan products, Brownstone & Main was created for those of us who take pride in shopping local and supporting women-owned small businesses. We wanted to bring your favorite artisan products directly to your door to discover new vendors every other month. 

Shop Female: Our artisans all come from diverse backgrounds throughout the United States and specialize in all different industries, but one thing is true for all of them, they all handcraft their goods! In each box we include an overview about the artisans and their products. We will include their website and social media pages for you to visit long after receiving your box!

Shop Local: All products are locally sourced in the United States. Our goal is to bring awareness to the importance of shopping small and supporting local businesses! We know that it's not always feasible to go across the country to shop small, so you'll discover artisans in all four corners of the United States that you may have never discovered otherwise!

Social Change: In addition to supporting women-owned small businesses, we also donate a portion of our sales to the Malala Fund! We believe that it's important for us to make a difference in other women and girls' lives around the world.