'Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice" Box - October Featured Women

 For every box, Brownstone & Main features 5-7 women-owned small businesses! On this page you can read a little bit more about them and get to know their brands and businesses. 

Jeneane - Owner of My Crafts Your Memories

About Jeneane and My Crafts Your Memories

Jeneane is the owner of My Crafts Your Memories. She started the business in 2012 because of her love to craft and create products! She makes custom signs, stickers, and apparel for all events and ages! Everything she creates and makes is high-quality and made by hand by her in her home in New York State. Her biggest inspiration is her children who you can see in the featured picture! 


Stephanie - Owner of Some Essentials

About Some Essentials

Some Essentials is owned by Stephanie and is based out of California. Stephanie started Some Essentials because she couldn't find all-natural products that were affordable and high-quality! She quickly realized that it simply  

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a mom with two kids, a wonderful husband, two cats and a large puppy who she runs with everyday. She is a huge fan of nature and trying to be healthy, but believes everything is a balance. She's a homebody and being with her family is what motivates her to work hard everyday! 


Cheri - Owner of Wicked Good

About Wicked Good  

Cheri is the owner of Wicked Good Perfumes based out of Chicago! Her fragrances are inspired by fantasy, fairies, legends, and lore. All of Wicked Good's perfumes are handcrafted in small batches with plant extracts, distilled flower essences, essential oils and fragrance parfum oils. Each bottle is made-to-order. Everything in their line is vegan and cruelty-free! 

About Cheri 

 Cheri worked with essential oils and perfume notes, studying the art and science of aromaology for many years. Enamored with certain ingredients for their aromatherapeutic benefits to help promote a sense of well-being, she whipped up special blends for her own personal products and gifts. After exceeding the demand from family and friends, Wicked Good launched in 2017 on Etsy. 


Melissa - Owner of Twigs & Twirls

About Melissa and Twigs & Twirls

Twigs & Twirls was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2013 by Melissa. A wife and mom of four small children whose home is literally filled with glitter, confetti and balloons at all times. Twigs & Twirls is a boutique party and gift store. They curate, design and create party supplies that are fun and pretty amazing! Their mission is to decorate your moments and memories and TO MAKE EVERYDAY A CELEBRATION! 


Karen - Owner of Bumbleberry Farms

About Karen and Bumbleberry Farms

Bumbleberry Farm is owned by Karen and is based out of Pennsylvania. They specialize in creating small batch, honey-based spreads. All of their ingredients are hand-selected to offer the best products to their customers. On top of offering delicious spreads, they also have a very popular skin care line. All of their skin care products are kept simple, using fair-trade, organic butters, which are harvested by women in Western Africa! 


Nicole - Owner of Wild Bower Studio

About Nicole and Wild Bower Studio

Nicole is the owner of Wild Bower Studio, nestled in the Catskill Mountains in NY. She combines her love of the natural world with her background as an oil painter to create stunning ceramics. She uses simple organic shapes and layers handmade glaze to show touches of texture throughout her pieces. She's always exploring what clay can become and creating new pieces. She offers dinnerware, planters, jewelry, and art. 


'Hello Summer' Box - August Featured Women

Megan - Owner of Reel Line Jewelry 

Megan is the proud owner of Reel Line Jewelry based out of Florida. 

About Reel Line Jewelry

Reel Line Jewelry embraces a playful minimalist style for everyday life that is designed with vivid seaside and natural colors. Preserving its coastal origin, many items incorporate fishing reel line as a base, and carry inspirational messages. Proudly handcrafted in Florida and home of the original “reel line bracelet.”

About Megan
"I founded Reel Line Jewelry for people who like simple jewelry they can wear every day. I could never have imagined how much my passion would grow and I am thankful for all the amazing people who have embraced this journey with me. I hope you find as much joy in my jewelry as I do."

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Bethany - Owner of Free Reign Farm

Bethany is the proud owner of Free Reign Farm based out of Tennessee. 

About Free Reign Farm

She started Free Reign Farm when she was looking for solutions for her family's skin and allergy problems. All of her products contain ONLY natural ingredients, while limiting the impact on the environment! Her products do not contain: GMO, Pesticides, Sulfates, Dyes, Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Phtyalates or Parabens!

Her Mission 

Free Reign Farm also has an amazing mission inspired by her family's three adopted children. They have fostered several children and support and raise awareness for foster children around the US. On top of that, Free Reign Farm donates to Youth Villages AND they send their soaps to children in third world countries. 

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Elizabeth - Owner of Bottle Branch

Elizabeth is the proud owner of Bottle Branch based out of Boston, MA!

About Bottle Branch

Elizabeth started Bottle Branch after she quit her research day job and decided that she wanted to go off on her own! She creates beautiful paper goods that are inspired by Flowers and other botanicals!

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Alesia - Owner of Sea Witch Botanicals

Alesia is the proud owner of Sea Witch Botanicals based out of WA! She is a certified aromatherapist who started her career in massage therapy. Her goal is to protect our earth by bringing awareness to environmental toxins and her business is based around this.  

About Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals was started to improve the lives of others and the planet. They live by 4 words - 1️⃣ Stewardship 2️⃣ Charity 3️⃣ Health 4️⃣ Prosperity - in order to make the world a better place. They are Certified Vegan, a Certified B Corporation, and they donate 1% to the planet!

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Michelle - Owner of Pantry Products

Michelle is the proud owner of Pantry Products based out of Reno, NV! 

About Pantry Products

Pantry Products sprouted as a response to a desire for all-natural, chemical-free personal care products that contribute to and support a healthy lifestyle. This amazing business is 100% women-owned and 100% all-natural. Every product is blended by hand in small batches in Reno, NV. Michelle also wants to protect the environment, so all products are local-sourced, non-GMO, and organic materials!

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Elizabeth - Owner of Sabroso Chai

About Sabroso Chai

Sabroso Chai is an Online Tea Store based out of Georgia that has been created with herbal traditions of different cultures and the love for tea.
Elizabeth uses her Ecuadorian culture and roots to inspire the teas she creates. She grew up drinking tea as a solution for headaches to cramps. Tea was her family's natural way to relieve and help their bodies. She is keeping this tradition alive with her amazing tea blends! 

Who Doesn't Love Tea?