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Sabroso Chai Loose Leaf Tea


Product Description

Elizabeth, the Owner of Sabroso Chai, creates beautiful blends of loose leaf tea. She uses her Ecuadorian culture and roots to inspire the teas she creates.  The Mystical Chai is capable to embrace those magical characteristics by making us feel healthy and powerful. The Mystical Chai contains Assam loose leaves that is a native plant from India which helps to decrease heart problems and improve blood circulation.  Wow Guayusa is an organic drink that will amazed you by the first sip. The Guayusa loose leaf will provide enough energy to accomplish any goal that is settle for the day. The sweety combination of the pineapple, licorice root, cloves, and other authentic spices will give you that flavor for a good morning start.  Originally - $2.00 (1 cup of tea)

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